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Evolved from decades of use by astronauts, athletes and medical facilities and have been used to provide balance training, muscle rehabilitation, muscle development and massage. These machines are an important training tool that is used by Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports Teams, University Research Departments, Medical Research Facilities, and Developmental Disease Centers.

Whole Body Vibration Machines Assisted Stretching Machine

Nitrofit Personal +

Step foot on a Nitrofit Personal + today and feel the difference and change the way you exercise.

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Nitrofit Limber Pro

Starting your day with a quick stretch or warming up, Nitrofit Limber Pro helps you stay flexible to maintain your active lifestyle.

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Nitrofit Deluxe Plus

Years of use by world class athletes, medical professionals and fitness gurus alike have confirmed the Nitrofit Deluxe is amazingly effective.

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Benefits of Vibration Therapy

Fast and Effective Work outs

Included 10 minute work out guide helps you to get a great work out in a short amount of time.

Build Stronger Bones

Vibration Therapy can mechanically simulate exercises that help regulate the musculoskeletal system. Some of our customers have reported improved bone density scans after regular use of our Nitrofit vibration machines.

Raise Metabolism

Exercising on Nitrofit Vibration machines burns calories and engages muscles. Regular use can lead to increased metabolism and reduced body fat.

Strengthen & Tones Muscles

Rapid Pivotal Vibration activates muscle fibers and intensifies exercises. Regular use can improve strength and muscle tone.

Reduce Pain & Stiffness

Performing simple exercises on the Nitrofit vibration machine strengthens core muscle groups and can alleviate chronic pain. Alternatively, the vibration platform can be used to provide relaxing massage therapy.

Increase Circulation

The high frequency vibrations from Nitrofit vibration machines force rapid muscle contractions. Those increased muscle contractions require oxygen to function optimally. That oxygen is delivered by blood flow from the circulatory system.

We’ve Already Got Stellar Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here is what our customers have to say!

“In 2003 I had a bleed in my brain causing a stroke . I bought a NITROFIT to improve my balance and lose weight. Since buying the NITROFIT whole body vibration machine, my balance has imporved significantly and i’ve lost 33pounds. I’m using my NITROFIT three times a week at a speed of 10.”

- Lee Piper

“We have easily put up to 20 people a day on the NitroFit including some of our 300 pound linemen. Although lightweight and intended for semi-commercial use, our NitroFit Deluxe has not faultered or worn in the year we have had it. In comparison to some of the pricier vibration machines we looked at, the Nitrofit Deluxe is truly one of the most affordable and effective machines out there.”

- Ethan Banning,BS CSCS

My brother is a big golfer and recommended that my wife and I get a good whole body vibration machine. We purchased a NitroFit Deluxe and enjoy using it. I usually only perform the full range of squat positions on my NitroFit Deluxe. After two months, this one addition to my workout has improved the strength and stabilization of the muscles in my legs. Thanks to NitroFit, I am now hitting the golf ball ten to twelve yards further.

- Mike B.

“When it came to dancing or even going for a walk, after just a few weeks on our Nitrofit Personal, my husband’s stock answer went from “My Back”, to, “I’m Back”. Thanks Karen and Brain from Soul Balance for giving us both a new lease on life.”

- Debbie F.

After only a few sessions , I could once again comfortably turn to look out my car’s rear window when backing up. The neck pain was gone! Vibration therapy worked for me.

- J. Boelter

I have been using a Nitrofit Delxue vibration machine since Marche of 2015 to reduce pain and leg spasms. In the six months that I have been using this machine, I have noticed an increased my flexibility and notable pain reduction in my legs. I really know this machine works because my spasms and pain returns when I am unable to use the machine as regularly as I would like.

- John Maynard

"I am on the Nitrofit daily. I have more strength,stamina and flexibility in only 10 minutes a day"

-R. Blankenship

" I've been on the Nitrofit for 1 month now and have lost inches around my waist and 4 lbs. without doing anything else"

-D. Chaney

I’ve been going to Curves for six months now and never did I feel this good after just one use. My legs actually feel like they got an hours workout in just 10 minutes…”

-J. Dunlap.
Don't Be Left Behind

We understand that buying a vibration machine is quite an investment. Should you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.