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Nitrofit Personal +


NITROFIT PERSONAL + manual in English Click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The manuals are large files and can take several minutes to load on your browser.


Nitrofit Personal + Assembly:

Q: When assembling my Nitrofit Personal +, the data cable wire gets pinched by the post when I put the post on the machine.
A: The data cable needs to be re-routed through the post mount before it is attached to the female end of the post data cable. You will notice that the post has a cut out on the bottom to allow for the cable to pass under it when it is fastened to the platform base. When putting the post down on the platform ensure that the cable is not pinched.

Q: My Nitrofit machine turns off by itself when I am using my machine.
A: In most cases this is due to your power cable not being fully inserted into your machine. Go to the back of the machine where the female end of the power cord plugs into the male end of the machine. Push the cord into the machine so that it fits snugly into place. Also ensure that there is ample slack in the side of the cable that is plugged into the wall. Sometimes the vibration from the machine can cause the power cable to come out of the wall when the machine is placed too far from the power outlet. If neither of these solutions solve your problem please contact customer service for further assistance.

Q: My Nitrofit machine wobbles violently at high speeds. How can I fix that?
A: In most cases its a simple matter of leveling out that machine by adjusting its legs. Some surfaces such as tile and hardwood are uneven and will cause the machine to teeter like a table with one of its legs not firmly on the ground. Simply rotate each leg clockwise or counter clockwise until all four legs are firmly touching the ground. Also thick carpet often has absorbent foam underneath it that can cause a machine to shake. Place the machine on concrete, tile or hardwood floors for optimal stability.


Q: The instruction manual says that I shouldn’t use the machine more than twice a day. Is that true and how often can I actually use my Nitrofit Whole Body Vibration machine?
A: As a general rule we suggest that new users gradually work their way into longer and more frequent sessions on our machines. Often times users do not feel exerted while performing some exercises and decide continue exercising for extended periods of time. It is important tot note that you may feel a delayed onset of soreness from your exercise routines. Our users have a such a wide range of physical capabilities therefore we ask that you take it slowly until you can assess how your body responds to regular use of your machine.

Q: My machine wont allow me to change speeds when I am in a program. How can I fix that?
A: You can only change the speed of your machine when you use the manual mode. The programs have pre-set speeds that change automatically every minute and can’t be changed.

Q: What is the FA program and how does it work?
A: It is a body fat reading program that requires use of the pulse contacts. The program requires you to enter in your gender, height, weight and age to provide a reading.

Q: I can’t get my machine to respond to many of the buttons. Its as if I am stuck in one of the programs. How can i simply get back to manual mode?
A: The easiest way to reset back to manual mode is to turn the machine off an then on again. Otherwise you can hit the mode button until you are back to the program screen and then the program button until you get back to manual mode.

Parts and repair:

Q: My machine is past its one year warranty and needs some new parts. How can I order them?
A: Please contact us at 888-861-0480. We can often times sell you replacement parts and find a technician to help you do the repair.

Q: My machine is starting to make a knocking noise. How can I fix this?
A: Machines that get a lot of use should be lubricated from time to time. There are six screws surrounding the base of your machine. If you remove those screws and lift up the base cover, you will see all of the pulleys and motor. Lubricate the pulley wheels with WD-40 or Tri-Flow lubricant. If the machine continues to make a knocking noise after you lubricate it, your machine may need servicing. Again if you need assistance with this please contact us at (888) 861 0480