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NitroFit is proudly brought to you by Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality health and wellness equipment. Our story begins in 2007 with whole body vibration technology.


PO Box 5713 Scottsdale, AZ 85261

We encourage you to try both types of platforms and feel the difference. We are confident that you will choose NitroFit.


For over a decade, NitroFit has been dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality health and wellness equipment. We are dedicated to developing products for your body’s overall well-being; from whole body vibration, to a vibrating foam roller and the most versatile, high quality and affordable stretch machine on the market. Our products are currently being used by tens of thousands of people including celebrities, government agencies, athletes, top executives, aestheticians, chiropractors, golfers, osteoporosis sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers and more.

Exercising on Nitrofit Vibration machines burns calories and engages muscles. Regular use can lead to increased metabolism and reduced body fat.

The high frequency vibrations from Nitrofit vibration machines force rapid muscle contractions. Those increased muscle contractions require oxygen to function optimally. That oxygen is delivered by blood flow from the circulatory system.

Vibration Therapy can mechanically simulate exercises that help regulate the musculoskeletal system. Some of our customers have reported improved bone density scans after regular use of our Nitrofit vibration machines.

Rapid Pivotal Vibration activates muscle fibers and intensifies exercises. Regular use can improve strength and muscle tone.

the NitroFit

Fit Roll

Integrates high frequency vibration into a durable foam roller to create one of the most effective massage therapy tools available.

The rolling action helps stimulate myofascial release while the vibration penetrates deep into the muscles to increase blood flow and soothe away muscle pain.

Regular use of the foam roller can help to relieve back and body pains, increase flexibility and improve circulation. Start using a Fit Roll today and feel the difference.

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