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NitroFit is proudly brought to you by Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality health and wellness equipment. Our story begins in 2007 with whole body vibration technology.


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We encourage you to try both types of platforms and feel the difference. We are confident that you will choose NitroFit.


Nitrofit utilizes a widely researched pivotal vibration technology for optimal muscle engagement and circulation. Other vibration platforms use a vertical motion that uniformly moves the platform up and down.  This can be limiting because the vibration is fixed no matter where you stand on it.

On pivotal Platform like Nitrofit, your foot placement and speed settings dictate the intensity of the vibration.  Keeping your feet close together will keep the vibration intensity low while moving your feet further apart will increase the vibration intensity.

This customizable feature allows the Nitrofit Personal Plus and Nitrofit Deluxe Plus whole body vibration machines to be used for low intensity therapeutic exercise to high intensity performance training and everything in between.

Pivotal vs Vertical Whole Body Vibration

The diagram below further explains  displays the motions of both technologies. Vertical machines are characterized by a very fast vibration that moves a very short distance while pivotal machines move much bigger distances at slower speeds.

Vertical vibration has become a popular choice for athletes over the last decade because it allows for short burst of 30 second to 1 minute high frequency intervals that can be incorporated into circuit training.  The downside is that it is often limited by the same short timers that you have to reset before every exercise.  Some people love vertical machines while others don’t like the way that the vibration travels into their heads. Machines vary in price based on power, adjustability, durability ( home versus commercial) and included accessories. Top quality pivotal machines weigh over 150lbs and run upwards of $10,000.

Pivotal vibration has become extremely popular for most consumers because several manufacturers including us have developed quality machines for the every day user. Pivotal machines tend to be more comfortable for users because it rocks their hips in a similar motion as walking or running. Exercises tend to be more static ( you hold them for extended periods of time) and focus more on the users core.  The side alternating motion causes involuntary contraction and usually doesn’t travel into the users head.  Operation of these machines is simple because the timers typically run much longer than vertical machines.  Also due to higher amplitudes lymph fluid is moved more efficiently and swelling is reduced faster.

Vibration machines in general can be very beneficial.  Whether you choose vertical or pivotal vibration you just need to make sure that you are buying a well built machine from a manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 10 years. There are a lot of very flimsy machines out there. Make sure to get something that puts out true power and will last you for years to come.