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NitroFit is proudly brought to you by Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality health and wellness equipment. Our story begins in 2007 with whole body vibration technology.


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We encourage you to try both types of platforms and feel the difference. We are confident that you will choose NitroFit.


Its no secret that regular stretching is critical for physical health and performance.  It is the core of physical therapy, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, and meditation. For some reason though many of us get distracted by life and forget to stretch.  The problem is that as we age and get engulfed in our busy lives, our body becomes less flexible and more prone to injury.  Those of us with the means can meet regularly with a health professional who can guide us through proper stretches and apply force to those stretches to help obtain a deeper more effective stretch.

Exercise equipment manufacturers began to realize that most people don’t regularly see a trainer or physical therapist who can guide them through proper stretching techniques, so they created a machine to make stretching easier and more accessible.  The machine utilizes a seat positioned away from a set of handlebars with a knee pad, back rest and foot pedals.  All that the user has to do is position their body in the seat and lean back. From there gravity takes over and uses the leverage in the pivoting seat to apply force to the stretches. In 2015 we decided to take the best of the available stretching machines on the market and improve the design. Since stretching requires that you be in a proper position, we improved the traditional fixed seat design to slide to fit its user thus allowing them to fit the machine to their unique size and reach. Additionally, we added an adjustable slant board to the front of our machine with designated front facing handles to help users control the intensity of their calf stretch. These patented features have significantly advanced the outdated design of all other stretch machines and are only available on a Nitrofit™ stretch machine.