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NitroFit is proudly brought to you by Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality health and wellness equipment. Our story begins in 2007 with whole body vibration technology.


PO Box 5713 Scottsdale, AZ 85261

We encourage you to try both types of platforms and feel the difference. We are confident that you will choose NitroFit.


I am an Exercise and Post-Rehabilitation Specialist and am the founder of Exercise Specialists of Scottsdale, LLC. I recently implemented a new fitness program utilizing the whole body vibration as one of the main components of the program. When I initially started purchasing the necessary equipment I went the frugal route and searched Amazon’s vibration plates and found the CONFIDENCE whole body vibration plate. In that I’m a spendthrift (at times), I found that this vibration plate was ideal. It had almost 5 stars by several buyers, and it was discounted from 999.00 to 299.00! What a steal right? Well I had this shipped to my office and went to work on it right away. I really didn’t notice how cheap this unit was until I tried the NITROFIT PERSONAL (retails 999.00).

Talk about day and night! The shipping weight of the CONFIDENCE was estimated to be 96lbs (around there). Well I know I can’t lift 96lbs w/ one arm, and the CONFIDENCE is definitely much lighter!!! I’d estimate that weight to be about half (48lbs). The NITROFIT PERSONAL was heavy duty (not cheap plastic like the CONFIDENCE). You can really feel the difference in quality when you compare the two side by side. CONFIDENCE is big and chunky, taking up a lot of unnecessary room. The NITROFIT PERSONAL is much more sturdy, user friendly, and doesn’t take up very much room. I like that the step up plat form on the NITROFIT is higher than the CONFIDENCE (makes for better options when doing exercises on the platform). The display on the NITROFIT is much nicer than the cheap display of the CONFIDENCE. I urge anyone reading this that is thinking of purchasing any other model to first try the NITROFIT. I don’t have any commercial interest with NITROFIT, however I do have an interest in good quality fitness products! Take my advice from a professional and do you homework before you whip out your card and regret your purchase. BTW I’m selling my CONFIDENCE for cheap for any of you that would like a cheap vibration plate!


Sam Colby, Scottsdale, AZ
Doctor of Naturopathy for Healthcare ,ProfessionalsExercise & Post-Rehab Specialist, USAW Sports Performance Coach


“My Medvibe Nitrofit has changed my workouts forever, it’s amazing how quickly you feel all your muscles work, it’s quick, effective and truly state of the art! From muscle building and toning, to pain relief, to simply changing things up!!!!, my MEDVIBE NITROFIT ROCKS!”

Mike Goldberg
Ultimate Fighting Championship Announcer, Spike TV- Ultimate Fighter Host, Celebrity Commentator


“About a year ago I received a great birthday present from my son. It is one of your nitro fit vibrating plate exercise machines. I feel compelled to write you this note to express my amazement at how well it works. I am 65 years old and like others my age, have to exercise a little in order to live the active lifestyle i like. Being a retired fireman I have been using various exercise equipment most of my life. I just wish I had found this machine 50 years ago. I can get the same workout in 10 minutes (at home) that used to take me an hour or more.
It is absolutely incredible. It takes me longer than that to drink a cup of coffee. The machine is so small that Ia have it in my office where i can’t ignore it. Just using the 10 minute timer and following the included poster my muscles are so tired they are shaking. I concentrate on my lower body, chest and triceps one day and stomach, calves and biceps the next. 10 minutes a day, i can’t get over it. Over the last year my arms, chest, thighs and calves have grown noticeably larger. I am getting a lot of compliments from my family and friends. You have a winner with this machine, thanks.”



“My husband and I got our Nitrofit from Soul Balance in Ontario. We found our vibe machine is really tightening up those “loose areas” on the body that seem to “hang-around” after a certain age.  We have lost many inches everywhere – the arms & legs, waist and chest.  This is  the smoothest vibration exercise machine we have ever tried.   My husband’s siatica has not been an issue now since he’s been on the vibe.  We are both sleeping much better after our simple,  10 minute daily routines. thanks Karen & Brian from Soul Balance….you have changed our lives! “



“We have easily put up to 20 people a day on the NitroFit including some of our 300 pound linemen.  Although lightweight and intended for semi-commercial use, our NitroFit Deluxe has not faultered or worn in the year we have had it.  In comparison to some of the pricier vibration machines we looked at, the Nitrofit Deluxe is truly one of the most affordable and effective machines out there.”



I am pleased to report on my use of your NITROFIT unit over the past six months as part of my in-home exercise regimen.  For your information and guidance, I am 76 years of age and exercise 4 days a week using the following equipment in sequence:  A stretching machine for warm up, an elliptical unit for aerobic exercise, a slant board for leg and upper body strength exercise and the NITROFIT for muscle tone, flexibility training and the prevention of soreness.

I compliment you on the design and performance of the NITROFIT unit, and am exceptionally pleased to note that – since using the unit – I have not experienced a single day of soreness, stiffness or the typical, occasional “aches and pains” previously experienced after a workout.  Having thus incorporated NITROFIT whole body vibration without a single adverse incident, I now intend to expand its use in keeping with the recommendations in your brochure for the unit.

Thank you for producing such an excellent piece of exercise equipment!  Best wishes for your continued success.

Howard G. Ohlhausen
Paradise Valley, AZ


Thank you, for a wonderful product!  I am 77 & my husband is 80. We both try to live an active life.  We received the Nitro Fit Deluxe machine on Sept. 26th, 2008. Since using it, I have lost eight lbs. and my husband is slimming down too!  My husband stopped taking the medication for Osteoporosis, this past August due to the side effects.  He had a bone density test in November.  The results were the same as the prior year (no worse).  Also,we both have been bothered with lots of neck pain. Since using the
NitroFit machine, we have both noticed how much better our necks are feeling.

(One year later……)
My husband has stopped taking Fosamax and  has been using the Nitrofit almost daily since we bought it.  He just went in for his one year follow up bone density scan and his doctor was amazed.  His bone density had increased and they told him ” what ever you are doing…keep doing it”.

Payson, AZ


My brother is a big golfer and recommended that my wife and I get a good whole body vibration machine. We purchased a NitroFit Deluxe and enjoy using it. I usually only perform the full range of squat positions on my NitroFit Deluxe. After two months, this one addition to my workout has improved the strength and stabilization of the muscles in my legs. Thanks to NitroFit, I am now hitting the golf ball ten to twelve yards further.



“I GENUINELY LOVE OUR NITROFIT DELUXE!!! It is easy to use, takes up very little space, and (best of all) gives me a complete full-body workout in ten minutes, as unbelievable as that may sound. (What a timesaver! ) How do I know this? When I do Pilates the day after working out on the machine, it is obvious that my core muscles feel like I went on a long hike up a hill, so I know that those muscles were engaged (big time) on the machine.Using the machine for ten minutes a day, three times a week for five weeks, I have noticed an overall tightening, lifting, and strengthening of my entire body,as well as a marked reduction in cellulite. If working out on my Nitrofit Deluxe can do that in five weeks, I am excited about the results I can look forward to after using it regularly for a year.

I have also noticed that my complexion is smoother and brighter, probably due to increased circulation. My husband, who is a guitarist, also appreciates the massages he gets from resting his arms on the machine. (Maybe his masseuse will be replaced by Nitrofit Deluxe!)The biggest benefit in using this machine has been the mood enhancement I experience from being on it, even for short periods of time. The vibrations from this machine produce a wonderful natural high! It’s a “good-mood” producer! I feel amazing, and people keep commenting that I look really happy! “

Anne Kerry Ford
Singer from Ojai, California


I first tried the Medvibe MVPRO model while I was training clients at LA Fitness. I loved using it for myself and my clients saw immediate strength increases when I  trained them with the vibration plate. As soon as I heard that Medvibe had an affordable performance line, I bought a Deluxe to train my clients on and a Personal model for my home. I love using my NitroFit machines to get lean before my body building competitions.

(This portion of testimony was added in March 2010). I opened my own personal training studio specializing in training body builders for competitions.  Nobody begins a weight training session in my studio without using the Nitrofit first.  Our clients love the warm up becasue it primes them for an explosive work out.  Even better, everyone reports little to no soreness from our intense training sessions when they use the Nitrofit to warm down.

Joe Valdez

Certified Personal Trainer and Body Builder
Arizona Western Regional and San Diego Open Competition Winner


A 51 year old female patient with middle ear damage and first and fifth metatarsal bunions reported moderately impaired balance, and increasing foot, knee, and hip joint pain. At night time, she held on to furniture to keep from falling. And she considered quitting snow skiing after 20 years due to concerns of increased foot and leg joint deterioration from the increased toe deviations.

Using the NitroFit  Deluxe, the patient reported significant increase in day and night time balance. She reported that she had “fallen side-ways down the stairs in my house and was able to regain my balance without breaking any bones.” Not only did the patient continue snow skiing, she reached a new milestone of skill level that was completely unexpected.  And there was such a large decrease in bunion-related pain that her expected foot surgery later in the year has been put off.

The patient sat on a stationary chair and placed her feet on the NitroFit  Deluxe, using speeds between 1-4 for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times weekly for 6 months. She alternated this position with standing on the vibration platform: starting with speed 1 for 3 minutes, increasing to speed 4 for 4 minutes, and ending with speed 1 for 3 minutes while performing: a) passive standing, b) alternating slow heel lifts, c) alternating slow toe lifts.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


A male patient in his early 40s suffered a stroke in the previous year. Rigorous physical therapy allowed him to walk again with a cane; however, significant left side paralysis jeopardized his balance and caused muscle spasms with every step. Using the NitroFit  Deluxe the patient reported improvement in upright stability, more even walking gait, and reduced muscle spasm. Control of his left side improved to the extent that he could use a trekking stick in each hand to assist a smoother gait.

The patient stood passively on the NitroFit  Deluxe, using speeds between 1-4 for up to 10 minutes, 2-3 times weekly.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


“In 2003 I had a bleed in my brain causing a stroke . I bought a NITROFIT to improve my balance and lose weight. Since buying the NITROFIT whole body vibration machine, my balance has imporved significantly and i’ve lost 33pounds. I’m using my NITROFIT three times a week at a speed of 10.”

Lee Piper
Henricko, VA


“I purchased a NitroFit Deluxe for my therapeutic clinic last year. I had been researching the technology for some time and believed it to be a perfect fit with healing and rehabilitation. My patients have found great improvements in the following areas:

  • Increase range of motion and promote healing of tendon and ligament tears
  • Improve balance and coordination of stroke patients
  • Improve balance and reduce pain of bunions
  • Strengthen pelvic floor and perineal muscles to reduce urinary incontinence
  • Reduce tight and strained muscles and tone the weakened muscles of lateral spinal deviation (scoliosis)
  • Reducing the pain and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and lymphedema
  • Decrease urinary incontinence
  • Decrease symptoms of depression.

I highly recommend this product for therapists and patients for home or clinic use.


Best Body Moves LLC,
Kent, WA USA


“When I first stepped onto my Nitrofit Deluxe Vibration Machine I was wracked with Sciatica to the point where I could no longer travel to work let alone sit at a desk for several hours and was on disability. It was impossible to put on my own socks and my Doctor was talking about the possibility of surgery. I routinely paid thousands out of pocket every year for pain relief from Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture. It didn’t happen overnight, but after three months on the Vibe along with some stretching exercises and the usual array of Chiro and Massage I was able to return to work. Two-years later my back feels great, I’ve lost weight, I saw my Chiropractor 4 times last year and I’m walking 18-holes carrying my clubs. Thanks Nitrofit”



“We purchased our Nitrofit about 3 months ago, and have noticed remarkable changes in our health. Both my husband and myself  are cancer survivors, but continued to experience lymph node drainage problems. Happily, after a session on the Nitrofit, there is a noticeable difference. Chronic back and knee pain from fibromyalgia disappeared within weeks. My flexibility and energy levels have also improved. And, as a bonus, I have trimmed enough that my clothes feel looser and more comfortable. Exercising is not my favorite activity, so using the Nitrofit is easy, time efficient and convenient. We endorse this product wholeheartedly. “



I’ve been doing rehab. for the past 10 years. By incorporating the Nitrofit my patients get strength, coordination, flexibility and core conditioning. We also use it for our osteoporosis patients in building bone mass. The machine has truly paid for itself many times over and is a great addition to our back end. My patient give me rave reviews from the Nitrofit Personal Vibration machines that they purchased after using the Deluxe model in my office.

Here are some of their reviews:

” I’ve been going to Curves for six months now and never did I feel this good after just one use. My legs actually feel like they got an hours workout in just 10 minutes…” -J. Dunlap.

” I’ve been on the Nitrofit for 1 month now and have lost inches around my waist and 4 lbs. without doing anything else” -D. Chaney.

“I am on the Nitrofit daily. I have more strength,stamina and flexibility in only 10 minutes a day” -R. Blankenship.

Dr. Tim Bogren D.C.,
Milton, WV


Whole Body Vibration Machines have Revolutionized Rehabilitation Medicine. The NitroFit Whole Body Vibration Machine wears many hats in our clinic from warm-up, movement prep, muscle strengthening, flexibility to body density building. Patients entering our clinic with Knee OA are finally able to bend down to pick their grandchildren up without discomfort after treatment series utilizing the NitroFit Whole Body Vibration. The NitroFit Machine helps our patients achieve range of motion measurements significantly sooner. Chronic stresses that accumulate in the neck and shoulders dissipates, Core Muscles are Recruited in Proper Sequence and Recovery between sessions is Improved. The NitroFit Whole Body Vibration will greatly benefit your patients and generate you more referrals! regards,

Robert R Blizzard PT, DPT, CSCS,
Greenwich , CT
Rehabilitation Medicine & Acupuncture Center


“When it came to dancing or even going for a walk, after just a few weeks on our Nitrofit Personal, my husband’s stock answer went from “My Back”, to, “I’m Back”. Thanks Karen and Brain from Soul Balance for giving us both a new lease on life.”

Debbie F.
Cambridge, Ontario. Canada


To consumers considering a Nitrofit: I am a size 2, not trying to loose weight. I use my Nitrofit to help calm my nerves and stimulate my bodies circulatory system. It works! I love my machine and often just sit on it to get things moving. I am a Medical Esthetics Practioner and Educator and have recommended this unit for many of my clients. The clients who have tried this technology are as thrilled as I am to have it. It also helps to tone which everyone can always use!

Rachel Rowen
Certified Medical Aesthecian
CME Instructor, NCEA, SDSS
Ventura, CA


After only a few sessions , I could once again comfortably turn to look out my car’s rear window when backing up.  The neck pain was gone! Vibration therapy worked for me.

J. Boelter


Working through my 76th year, I found that my agility isn’t what it should be.  Arising in the morning was accompanied by moans and groans.  Some freinds had introduced me to whole body vibration therapy.  In a very short period of time, I’m able to arise, enter and leave the car, and walk more comfortably.

J. Dunbar


I have been using a Nitrofit Delxue vibration machine since Marche of 2015 to reduce pain and leg spasms. In the six months that I have been using this machine, I have noticed an increased my flexibility and notable pain reduction in my legs.  I really know this machine works because my spasms and pain returns when I am unable to use the machine as regularly as I would like.

John Maynard


We found that many of our physical therapy patients reported feeling “energized and more flexible” and that they could “go through exercises smoother and with less effort” following a warm up session on the NitroFit  Deluxe. Patients stood passively on the vibration platform, using speeds between 1-7 for up to 10 minutes, 2-3 times weekly.

Additionally, we have observed blood oxygenation rates of respiratory care patients return more rapidly to their average resting levels, and frequently elevate 2-4% during their vibration session. Note: These are patients who must continually use supplemental oxygen to live. Standing passively on the NitroFit Deluxe or sitting on a stationary chair with their feet on the platform at speeds between 1-4, increased oxygen blood rates within 2-4 minutes above the level that the external oxygen was already providing.

Renee Foote, RT, clinic manger
West Coast Therapy, Kent WA  USA


An 82 year old female patient had fallen and fractured a hip nine months earlier. Her injury led to reduced mobility, reduced mental acuity, and deep depression. Using the NitroFit  Deluxe, she reported that, “after using the jiggle machine for a month, I woke up one morning feeling I was alive again.” She also reported feeling physically stronger, more lucid, and was able to transition from a rolling walker to a cane.

The patient sat on the seat of her walker facing the NitroFit  Deluxe and placed her feet on the vibration platform, using speeds between 1-4 for up to 10 minutes, 1-2 times weekly. She alternated this position with sitting at a right angle to the machine and placing her feet on the vibration platform.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


We found that several of our patients with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome that is hard to treat and has no cure, received life-changing benefits using the NitroFit Deluxe. In particular, one patient who was confined to a walker and was unable to drive due to excruciating pain, found great relief of symptoms using the NitroFit Deluxe.  The debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia decreased enough for her to walk unaided and, therefore, pass her driver’s license renewal test. She was extremely thankful to have independent mobility restored.

The patient sat on a stationary chair and placed her feet on the vibration platform, using speeds between 1-3 for up to 30 minutes, 2-3 times weekly for 3 months.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


A patient with a severe build-up of lymph fluid in both legs reported that using the NitroFit  Deluxe “gave me more strength in my legs, and my knees hurt less.” While there is no cure for lymphedema, the NitroFit  Deluxe decreased her symptoms and increased quality of life.

The patient sat on a stationary chair and placed her feet on the vibration platform, using speeds between 1-3 for 10 minutes, 1-2 times weekly. Improvement was realized in less than one month.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


A 50 year old female patient was being treated for both stress and urge urinary incontinence using traditional pelvic floor and perineal muscle strengthening exercises and biofeedback during physical therapy. After 6-8 weeks of physical therapy, muscle tone was greatly improved but with no change in urinary incontinence. Performing pelvic floor exercises while on the NitroFit  Deluxe; however, reduced the frequency of incontinence episodes within one week of use.

The patient stood on the NitroFit  Deluxe while performing Kegel exercises (contracting for 10 seconds then resting for 10 seconds, and then repeating) for 10 minutes at speed 1, 3-5 times weekly.

Terri Rossi, MS, LMP, NCTMB, NCMMT
Best Body Moves, LLC
Kent WA  USA


I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.  For the past 18 months I have been wheel chair bound and have not taken any steps in at least a year. The medications I am taking causes constipation and MS causes spastic bowels.   This Therapy has had multiple benefits: I can now walk several steps in the morning from the bedroom to the kitchen. It has eliminated my constipation, improved my functional mobility, reduced my bowel issues and urinary incontenence.

M. Powelson

(Testimony was reported after 5 months of therapy on a Nitrofit Deluxe , Mrs. Powelson is now the proud owner of a Nitrofit Personal.)

Nitrofit Machines are sold daily.  They are improving lives as you read this. Please visit us again soon for more testimony or send us your testimony if our products have changed your life too.